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AcadworX provides diversity through experience and education. With over 20 years of technical illustration, Industrial design, Architectural, Mechanical, and Structural detailing you can rely on our experience. We have been serving the AEC industry for more than 20 years.  We have followed and implemented technology based resources to assist our clients, while developing the latest industry software skills and tools needed to stay current in our the ever-changing industry. We are committed to providing an affordable solution to your everyday needs.

Architectural Drafting ( Strip Mall Design)

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Home Plan Drafting & Design ( Custom Home)

Residential Design with construction documents,20 years of experiance.

Egress Mapping ( Life Saftey)

We produce professionally designed egress maps, equipment & plant layouts. We identify quick access to the facilities floor plan, while locating hazards such as flammables, vaporous, explosive chemicals and liquids. This information is critical to first responders during a fire or emergency situation.

Architectural Drafting ( Building Construction Documents)

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